Brusniak Turner Fine Updates 8/25/2020

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CALIFORNIA LA County properties valued at nearly $2 trillion…before pandemicThe Real DealAnnual tally by assessor included 2M single-family homes, 250K multifamily properties and about the same number of commercial properties...

Brusniak Turner Fine Updates 8/24/2020

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CANADA Toronto announces $1.7 million in property tax relief for live music venues impacted by COVID-19Post CityToronto Mayor John Tory announced on Thursday that 45 live music venues will receive a combined property tax relief to the tune of $1.7 million ... IDAHO ...

Brusniak Turner Fine Updates 8/21/2020

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FLORIDA Trumps' Palm Beach County tax bills could approach $1.5M, preliminary estimates showPalm Beach Post... from being redeveloped or used for any purpose other than a club, according to Tim Wilmath, chief appraiser for the property appraiser's office. GEORGIA St...

Brusniak Turner Fine Updates 8/20/2020

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FLORIDA Flawed Florida Court Decision Could Affect Hotel ValuationsGlobeSt.comOn August 7th, 2020, The Florida Fifth District Court of Appeal issued a revised opinion of Case (No. 5D18-2927), Rick Singh, As Property Appraiser vs. MISSOURI KC's latest incentive refor...

Brusniak Turner Fine Updates 8/19/2020

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INDIANA Indianapolis council approves roughly $24 million in tax abatements for LillyThe Indianapolis Star... from 2012 to 2017, according to the Marion County assessors' office. ... it resolving previous discrepancies with the assessor's office about the value ... NEBRASKA ...

Brusniak Turner Fine Updates 8/18/2020

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LOUISIANA Lafayette Parish, city property values drop for first time since 1980s oil bustThe AdvocateWhen property taxable values drop, Comeaux said, state law allows a taxing body to increase property taxmillages so they bring in the same amount of ... MISSISSIPPI ...

Brusniak Turner Fine Updates 8/17/2020

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NATIONAL No Foreclosure Crisis In Sight But Property Tax Revenues Still FallingForbesFor starters, recessions usually don't produce notable declines in property taxrevenue. That's mainly because municipalities reassess properties every ... CALIFORNIA Santa Clara Cou...

Brusniak Turner Fine Updates 8/14/2020

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INTERNATIONAL Japan's ruling party tax panel head says must avoid rise in commercial property taxWNWN-FMTOKYO (Reuters) - Japan must avoid any increase in property tax for commercial land as the coronavirus pandemic is hurting many companies, Akira ... CALIFORNIA Co...

Brusniak Turner Fine Updates 8/13/2020

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NEBRASKA Property tax, abortion bills set for final votes in NebraskaBryan College Station Eagle... debate in Lincoln, Neb., Tuesday, Aug. 11, 2020. Nebraska lawmakers pushed a property tax package through another procedural vote and were.

Brusniak Turner Fine Updates 8/12/2020

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LOUISIANA Newell: Does NOLA assessor rely on "sales chasing" to set property values?WWL News, Talk, Sports Radio Station“BGR as well as the legislative auditor have conducted a more recent review of these practices within the assessor's office, and found this tactic of “sales ...

Brusniak Turner Fine Updates 8/11/2020

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CALIFORNIA Fight over Prop. 15 already beginningPorterville RecorderProposition 13 was part of the tax revolt in 1978 to reduce property taxes that was approved by voters. But Prop. 15 would partially repeal Proposition ... GEORGIA Commercial properties revalued aft...

Brusniak Turner Fine Updates 8/10/2020

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FLORIDA Court backs down on controversial Disney tax rulingOrlando Sentinel... the Fifth District Court of Appeal ruled not only that Singh's office had overstated the value of the Disney hotel — but that the entire appraisal method ... Guest Op/Ed: You're Being Ove...

Brusniak Turner Fine Updates 8/7/2020

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ALABAMA Dallas Co. Election Results Lead to Several Historic FirstsAlabama News NetworkSo we're looking for great things,” said Nunn. The county also elected it's first black tax collector and tax assessor — during this year's elections. CALIFORNIA Judge Orders Chan...

Brusniak Turner Fine Updates 8/6/2020

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INDIANA Indiana Tax Court rules in favor of Housing PartnershipsThe RepublicRental Program qualifies for property tax exemption. In an Aug. 4 decision, the court upheld the determination of the Indiana Board of Tax Review (IBTR), ... MONTANA City grants tax abatemen...

Brusniak Turner Fine Updates 8/4/2020

Posted by John Brusniak | Aug 04, 2020 | 0 Comments

CALIFORNIA Report: Riverside County's property tax roll reaches $320 billionValley News... $204.8 billion in tax year 2012, according to the assessor's report, which will be presented for the board's consideration during its consent agenda. FLORIDA Property appraise...

Brusniak Turner Fine Updates 8/3/2020

Posted by John Brusniak | Aug 03, 2020 | 0 Comments

NEW YORK After pushback on number of workers, drugmaker drops request for tax breaksNewsdayHe declined to elaborate on InvaGen's decision to forgo potentially $403,450 in tax savings, including a 27.5% reduction in property taxes over 10 ... SOUTH CAROLINA What to e...

Brusniak Turner Fine Updates 7/31/2020

Posted by John Brusniak | Jul 31, 2020 | 0 Comments

ALABAMA Jeffco Commission Gives Final Approval for $40M FedEx Distribution CenterBirmingham Times... construction-related taxes are projected to be $55,049, non-education ad valorem taxes $162,601, and mortgage and recovery taxes $906. FedEx ...

Brusniak Turner Fine Updates 7/30/2020

Posted by John Brusniak | Jul 30, 2020 | 0 Comments

NEW JERSEY As NJ's property tax deadline quickly approaches, local leaders prepare for the worstNorthJersey.comUnlike at the May deadline, no grace period has been approved by the governor to allow for late payments. State law requires property taxes to be due ... TEXAS ...

Brusniak Turner Fine Updates 7/29/2020

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CALIFORNIA Former LA County Assessor Faces Prison In Bribery CaseNews BreakLOS ANGELES, CA — More than six dozen felony charges have been refiled against former Los Angeles County Assessor John Noguez and two ... ILLINOIS Cook County's Property Tax Payment Deadline ...

Brusniak Turner Fine Updates 7/28/2020

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LOUISIANA Uptown property owners in Orleans as tax assessments soarWWLTV.comThey are among the 25-percent of homes and businesses in the city that didn't get hit last year when the Orleans Parish Tax Assessor's Office said it ... NEW JERSEY Newark approvals include ...

Brusniak Turner Fine Updates 7/27/2020

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ALABAMA Property Values Increase 6.7 Percent Countywide  Livermore Independent  The assessor's office is in the process of mailing assessment notices to all property owners in Alameda County. Property tax bills for fiscal year 2020- ...   FLORIDA Lake ...

Brusniak Turner Fine Updates 7/24/2020

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ALABAMA Jefferson County gives final approval for $40M FedEx distribution centerAlabama NewsCenterAfter Thursday's vote to approve abatements for FedEx, Commission President Jimmie Stephens said the company is “another jewel in the crown of that ... MARYLAND 'Not th...

Brusniak Turner Fine Updates 7/23/2020

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CALIFORNIA California Proposition 15: Commercial Property TaxesKALWIt rolled back property values for tax purposes to 1976 levels and froze them there. Increases were capped at two percent annually, unless a property ... LOUISIANA Geismar biofuels plant seeks proper...

Brusniak Turner Fine Updates 7/22/2020

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DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA DC Council pushes St. E's, Howard University hospital deals closer to realityWashington Business JournalSpecifically, it includes a $225 million tax abatement, a $25 million infrastructure investment and another $26.6 million over six years for five programs. ...

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