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Brusniak Turner Fine Updates 10/17/2022

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Prop M in SF Aimed at Taxing Property Owners Who Leave Rental Units Vacant
NBC Bay Area
Prop M in San Francisco is a proposed tax aimed at property owners who leave available rental units vacant for more than six months. The backers of the measure say it will help make more housing available, while opponents are concerned about some of the consequences if it passes.


OPINION: Observer recommends one yes, two no votes on Florida constitutional amendments
Your Observer
Every conversation you have with a Floridian for the first time since that horrible, fateful day always begins with: “How did you do? Is your family OK? Was your home damaged?” And for the next five minutes or so, together you lament the destruction that Hurricane Ian inflicted on this great state and you pity with your heart the thousands of Floridians who lost so much.


Minister sees ballot question as property tax threat after nearly losing home
Illinois Policy
When the Rev. Phalese Binion finally could afford her own home in Park Ridge, Illinois, she least expected to potentially lose it to high property taxes. “When I purchased my home I didn't understand the [tax] process until my first tax bill came: over $13,000 on a $98,000 home,” Binion said. “This is not the American Dream. This is the American nightmare.”


As home prices soar, so do assessments
Adirondack Explorer
When an updated assessment arrived at Anthony Siquier's residence in Jay, the small business owner was more than a little peeved. The assessed value on his single-family home on 2.5 acres climbed an acute angle upward to $337,000 from $189,000 in 2021 and $115,000 in 2020, according to property tax records. Tax bill impact: hundreds of dollars more annually in municipal and school district bills.


Growth affecting Horry County property tax rates
Myrtle Beach Sun News
Wesley Wolfe spent part of his Friday morning in line at the Horry County Assessor's Office, reeling from sticker shock that came with his property tax bill. Last year, the 87-year-old Loris resident was assessed $1,234 for his 3,000-square-foot home along Gateway Drive. Now, he's staring down a $6,166 fee with no idea how to pay for it.


Thurston assessor replies to campaign violation accusations
The Olympian
Glen Morgan filed a complaint against Assessor Steven Drew with the Public Disclosure Commission on Oct. 4, and a case was opened the next day. The complaint includes allegations by former Chief Deputy Assessor Mike Brooks, saying that Drew pressured him to provide campaign donations while he still worked for him.


Wyoming lawmakers seek to tackle soaring property taxes
Wyoming has seen soaring property values that have become burdensome to taxpayers, but some lawmakers are eying options to provide relief. Lawmakers are considering their options for property tax breaks, Wyoming Public Media recently reported. Property values in the state increased by an average of 16% last year, according to WyoFile.

Legislature Approves Draft Bill That Gives Wind And Solar Companies A Break On Taxes
Cowboy State Daily
“Wyoming's citizen taxpayers are begging the Revenue Committee to give relief and the Corporations Committee wants to give a tax break to wind and solar companies that do not live up to commitments for property tax revenues made when seeking a permit through Wyoming's Industrial Sitting Council,” said state Sen. Cale Case, R-Lander, in opposition of the bill.

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