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Brusniak Turner Fine Updates 10/21/2021

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China's Magical Disappearing, Reappearing Property Tax
The Wall Street Journal
A nationwide property tax has long been a hard sell in China. It may be even tougher now that the crackdown on property leverage is threatening to drag the economy into a steep slump.


Ontario to mail out new property assessments after next provincial election, sources say
The Globe and Mail
The Ontario government is planning to further delay the release of province-wide property assessments - on which property taxes are based - until after the June provincial election...

Toronto Seeking New Small Business Tax Class to Offer Relief to Small Business 
Net News Ledger
Mayor John Tory has announced a City of Toronto staff report going to Executive Committee next week recommends that a small business tax subclass be created starting in 2022 to provide small businesses with tax relief.


Zillow Says It Can't Buy Any More Homes This Year
The Wall Street Journal 
The online home-listing platform said it would instead focus on closing existing purchase contracts and selling the homes it has on hand.

Feds Reviewing Appraisal Standards, Qualifications
National Mortgage Professional
A federal agency that oversees the real estate industry has initiated a “comprehensive legal and policy review” of appraisal standards and appraiser qualifications nationwide.

Homebuilding slows
Axios Markets
Housing starts and building permits both ticked down in September, with shortages of labor and building materials keeping a lid on activity.


Nonprofit run by homeless people says it was unfairly taxed for trying to build housing 
The Oaklandside
However, another big surprise came when POOR Magazine opened its first property tax bill for the new vacant lot in 2020, a few months after the...


Property taxes front and center in Dover City Council candidates forum
Fosters Daily Democrat
Tax cap, property assessments and keeping Dover affordable were hot topics during the City Council candidates forum Monday night.


NY Court Orders New Tax Assessment For Senior Complex
The court said the assessor failed to use the income capitalization method of valuation as laid out in state real property tax law to find the...

New York Housing Demand Surges After Pandemic Slowdown
Realtor - Wall Street Journal
New York City's housing market is undergoing a powerful rebound, fueled by New Yorkers trading up, out-of-staters moving in...

Westchester County district attorney's office investigating Trump Organization golf course property taxes
Investigators are looking at the value Trump placed on the property in public federal disclosure forms compared to the much lower value that was negotiated with officials...


Ohio Lawmakers Consider Legislation Pushing for More Tax Abatement Reporting
Columbus Underground
But backers believe the move could shine light on incentives like property tax abatements, which have for years been a point of contention between...

Cincinnati Edition: Lawsuit claims city tax abatement program is discriminatory
The suit claims Cincinnati is more segregated because of the way the city hands out tax abatements to homeowners. Joining Cincinnati Edition is...


The attorney who represents himself has a fool for a client
The Paper
I was expecting my appraisal to go up, and go up it did. HCAD (or the devil) increased my appraisal 33%. Rentals do not get homestead exemptions and tend to get appraised ever upward pretty aggressively.

Abbott, conservatives at odds over property tax reform
After the third special legislative session ended, Gov. Greg Abbott issued a statement praising the accomplishments of the Republican-led legislature as conservative grassroots leaders pointed out that no real property tax relief was accomplished.

Lubbock County Sheriff's Office asking voters to raise property tax to pay deputies more
Lubbock County Sheriff's Office is asking voters to raise property taxes by two cents to pay deputies a competitive salary.


New report highlights importance of oil and gas to West Virginia economy
WV News
West Virginia increased natural gas and oil production 14% and 10%, respectively, from 2019-2020, according to a new report from The Gas and Oil Association of West Virginia.


Tax & Wealth Advisor Alert: Wisconsin to Allow Municipalities to Waive Property Tax Penalties and Extend Construction and Building Permits
Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers has signed Senate Bill 254, which affects building permit holders and late property tax payments. 

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