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Brusniak Turner Fine Updates 10/21/2022

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Why Ontario's property tax assessment system needs annual reassessments
Some form of market value assessment is the gold standard for the distribution of property tax; integral to this is the transparency implicit in assessed values based on current market transactions. The more assessments reflect current market conditions, the more transparent and fair the distribution of property tax.


Harvard, Boston, and Taxes: The PILOT Episode
The Harvard Crimson
Many Harvard students may have heard, or even said, this infamous line before: “I go to a school just outside of Boston.” But being “just outside of Boston” doesn't mean that Harvard has nothing to do with Boston. In fact, Harvard is one of the largest property owners in the city — without paying any property taxes.


Task force discusses how to resolve tax issues on Missouri solar farms
A Missouri task force wants to know more about solar farms and how they can be taxed. Instead of a farm with corn, soybeans, or livestock, a solar energy farm is covered in solar panels. A new task force made up of lawmakers, local county tax assessors, and agriculture and renewable energy groups are working to resolve tax issues on renewable energy projects.

Missouri officials look to shine light on tax issues affecting solar farms
STL Today
As part of legislation approved last spring, the new Task Force on Fair, Nondiscriminatory Local Taxation Concerning Solar Energy Systems is tasked with compiling a report to help lawmakers enact a policy on how local governments can tax solar energy projects.


More than 14K TCAD property tax exemption applications not processed in ‘timely' manner
KXAN Austin
Peggy McArthur, who has lived in the same north Austin home for 42 years, had her exemptions removed when she took her recently deceased husband's name off her deed. It is a common practice in Texas appraisal districts when a deed is changed, according to TCAD.


Islanders feel sticker shock at change of property values
Islands' Sounder
On Oct. 3, the San Juan County Assessor's Office released its yearly “change of value notices” to county property owners. A change of value notice is sent out when a property has been assessed as being higher or lower than the previous year's value, based on the county's assessment team. This year, 1,600 change of value notices were sent out to residents, a rise of 200 from last year.

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