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Brusniak Turner Fine Updates 10/28/2022

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Connecticut Superior Court Finds Taxpayer's Fuel Cell Modules, Equipment Entitled to Property Tax Exemption
Bloomberg Tax
The Connecticut Superior Court Oct. 18 found that Taxpayer's fuel cells were property tax-exempt. The property at issue consisted of fuel cell modules and related equipment designed to produce electrical power. Taxpayer began assembling fuel cell stacks on Pfizer's campus in May 2016.


No one is running for Jasper County, Illinois Assessor...what happens now?
For the past several months, leaders in Jasper County, Illinois has tried many different ways to secure a county assessor. Current Jasper County Assessor Paul Woods is retiring after twenty-eight years. No one has ran as assessor to replace Woods. Following the 2022 Primary Election, there was an opportunity for broth parties to caucus an individual.


It's time to repair NYC's unjust property taxes
New York Daily News
If you are one of Council Minority Leader Joe Borelli's neighbors on Staten Island, chances are you pay an effective property tax rate that is three times higher than if you are one of Comptroller Brad Lander's neighbors in Park Slope. Homeowners in southeast Queens and the north Bronx also have a much higher effective tax rate than most Manhattan homeowners.


My school is underfunded. Pennsylvania doesn't want us to be properly educated
Public education is a radically anticapitalist, antiracist idea. There's no other place in American society where rich people and poor people, and white and Black and brown people eat lunch together, play together, and learn together as equals. Public school is an amalgam of cultures and backgrounds and ideas — the embodiment of the melting pot vision that America has never fully realized.


Tenn. Property Tax Assessment Voided Due To Mail Problems
A rollback assessment on a property that was denied a special land classification was voided by a Tennessee administrative judge because the owner did not receive a timely notice of the disqualification...


Elgin ISD rejects Chapter 313 tax breaks for solar farm company
Elgin's school district is not moving forward with a tax break for a solar farm that wants to build in the area. It's a rare rejection of a Chapter 313 agreement, which many school districts in our area have agreed to. The program is meant to incentivize companies to expand in Texas by allowing school districts to offer tax breaks.

Texas voters have been less willing to approve school bonds in recent years
On a beautiful, warm fall day, Jeanette Ball, the superintendent of the Judson Independent School District, stood outside the back entrance to one of her district's elementary schools and pointed to the free-standing gym a few yards away. “Usually both of these (doors) are open, and anybody could come in,” Ball said, pointing to large garage-like doors.

Calhoun County tax increase to be bigger than projected
The Times and Democrat 
Calhoun County residents will see a larger annual tax increase than originally projected for the 2022-23 fiscal year. County officials say the tax increase is due to the increase in property values during countywide property reassessment, rising costs via inflation and a reduction in tax revenues to the county due to a new law that exempts farm buildings from property taxes.

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