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Brusniak Turner Fine Updates 10/7/2022

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Disparities in property tax appeals seen in School of Government study
The Well
Interested by the results of this study, School of Government faculty member Chris McLaughlin sought to determine if this national trend of inequity within the property tax system held true in North Carolina. His goal, he said, was two-fold. “First, do poor and minority taxpayers appeal their property tax appraisals as often as do wealthy and white taxpayers?” he asked.


Despite skyrocketing property values, tri-county schools struggle to stay afloat
The Big Bend Sentinel
When the Marfa ISD School Board met in August to approve the 2022-23 budget, it was not without complaints over the nearly $1 million dollars — out of their $4.8 million budget — the district is projected to pay back to the state under its recapture, or Robin Hood, policy.

You were supposed to complain to elected officials by email about your property tax rate
Dallas Morning News
Back in July I laid out for you a new setup in which you go to a state government website and tap out an email to your elected officials about the new property tax rate they were about to pass. You could blast them or praise them. This was set up by the Texas Legislature to make the feedback process easier. 

Tiny Texas government scores big tax breaks across state
Houston Chronicle 
Yet recently the SH130 Municipal Management District No. 1 has thrown its civic weight around far outside its own narrow boundaries, using its status as a public agency to quietly arrange tens of millions of dollars-worth of property tax breaks for private developers across the state.


Commercial valuations set new record in Spokane County
Spokane Journal of Business
As of last week, Spokane County assessed just over $1.58 billion in new construction projects, a 22.5% increase from 2021, which makes 2022 a record-breaking year, even with 731 fewer properties assessed for new construction this year, says Konis. In 2021, new construction developments were valued at $1.29 billion, data provided by the Assessor's Office shows.

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