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Brusniak Turner Fine Updates 11/17/2021

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This out-of-state company bought up most of a Phoenix neighborhood and turned it into rental homes
The Phoenix housing market is in the midst of a supply and demand crisis that has caused a rapid rise in home prices--pricing out prospective buyers.


The Split Roll Initiative Is Back...
This would apply to all properties, with minor exceptions. That means a hefty tax increase for a single-family home or an apartment complex worth over $4 million.


Property tax assessments jeopardize Oahu's clean energy projects
Star Advertiser
The Honolulu City Council is weighing a bill that would provide renewable energy projects with substantial relief from an unexpected and steep increase in property taxes.


Richmond Common Council grants Hill's Pet Nutrition a 10-year, 95% tax abatement
Yahoo News
Council member Ron Oler said the tax abatement is a "good tradeoff" of about $500,000 in lost tax revenue for about $2.5 million in salaries.


Haverhill Home Value Surge Outpaces Business Properties with the Prospect of Higher Taxes
Haverhill homeowners generally face higher property taxes as, what is called, the city's second budget debate of the year, takes place tonight


NJ Bill Would Make Towns Refund Property Tax Overpayments
New Jersey would require municipalities to refund taxpayers for overpayments of property tax liabilities under a bill introduced in the state Assembly.


Commercial property owners say school districts aggressive in pursuing property tax cases, create uncertainty
Business leaders and developers said that the law that allows school districts to challenge property values at county boards of revision creates an uncertain system of tax payments.


Corporations increasingly using property tax break unavailable to most homeowners
Your property taxes keep going up and up, but more corporations are using a special exemption to avoid property taxes, putting a heavier burden on homeowners

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