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Brusniak Turner Fine Updates 11/4/2022

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It's Good To Be The King: All-Cash Buyers Are Last Bidder Standing In Crumbling Market
With the Federal Reserve raising interest rates again on Wednesday, the debt-laden deals that whipped the commercial real estate sales market into a record-setting frenzy last year have all but disappeared. Overall investment sales transactions are down by half year-over-year, but for sellers who need an exit, they increasingly have one place to turn: all-cash buyers.


How much is the White House worth? The U.S. Capitol? D.C. gives priceless real estate assessed values.
Biz Journal
The White House, no matter its resident, is priceless real estate. But that hasn't stopped the District from trying to attach a monetary value to its most famous address. Though it can't tax them, D.C.'s Office of Tax and Revenue still assesses properties owned by the District or federal governments, educational institutions, religious organizations and other tax-exempt entities. D.C. code requires it, for all properties across the city, taxable or not.


Fla. Justices Hint That Rentals Can Limit Property Tax Break
Two Florida Supreme Court justices sounded favorable Thursday toward reducing the homestead exemption of a residence with rooms that were rented out...


Pawtucket soccer stadium taxes upped to $10M as city agrees to second revenue bond
The city will charge the Tidewater Landing developer nearly $10 million more in taxes on the soccer stadium to help pay back the additional debt the city has agreed to take on for the project. An updated master plan agreement outlining the changes of the tax treaty and city revenue bonds for the mixed-use riverfront development was approved by the Pawtucket Redevelopment Agency on Wednesday.

Superman's tax deal will be finalized tonight
Boston Globe
The City Council is meeting at 6 tonight to give second and final approval to a 30-year tax break for High Rock Westminster Street LLC, which wants to convert the 26-story building at 111 Westminster St. into apartments. The outcome isn't really in doubt since the council already approved the tax stabilization agreement on an 11-1 vote on Oct. 20, but it means High Rock will have secured what is arguably the most important part of the federal, state, and city subsidy package it has been seeking for the $220 million project.


Chapter 313 pending expiry is already costing Texas billions
Texas has been the beneficiary of outstanding economic and population growth for the past several decades. It isn't solely due to the attraction of a warm climate. Much is due to its tax regime. Employers in the state promote the complete absence of personal income tax to lure workers.


Bremerton City Council expands property tax exemption for affordable housing developments
KitSap Sun
The Bremerton City Council on Wednesday approved unanimously a plan to expand property tax exemptions for developers who build affordable housing in the city. The city remains "far behind the curve" in attracting affordable housing proposals and is thousands of units short of the number of people who desire to live in Bremerton, City Council President Michael Goodnow said.


Justice-owned companies owe tangible personal property taxes
The Weirton Daily News
Gov. Jim Justice has been traveling around the state urging voters to reject a constitutional amendment that would give the West Virginia Legislature the power to exempt tangible personal property from taxation all while his companies owe thousands in back personal property taxes.

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