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Brusniak Turner Fine Updates 1/15/2021

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Tax Court remands valuation of Elkhart property
Indiana Lawyer
The Elkhart County assessor, however, used the manufacturing schedule in its cost approach valuation. The assessor's valuation totaled $17,310,000 ...


Nassau County Assessor David Moog steps down due to health concerns
The Island Now
Nassau County Assessor David Moog will leave his post and be moved to another department, officials said Tuesday. Officials said Moog, who was ...

Virus Siphons $2.5 Billion in N.Y.C. Property Tax Revenue
The New York Times
The value of office buildings and hotel properties, which have all but emptied out since the pandemic began, is expected to take a nosedive.


The Columbus Dispatch 
A Worthington man filed suit to force OSU to pay taxes on parts of the property not directly dedicated to student learning, rather than legally forgoing ...

He said many times, homeowners simply call their central appraisal district. The Democrat said part of the problem began decades ago. “Since 1997 ...


BayCare Aurora suing Green Bay over hospital value, taxes
The Press-Times
According to the City Assessor's office, the value was determined by the cost approach formula, which relates to how much it would cost to develop the ...

Walmart, Target, apartment owners sue city over property tax assessments 
The Walmart lawsuit claims its $12 million property assessment of its McCoy Road Store should be no higher than $5.6 million. Walmart's tax bill for ...

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