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Brusniak Turner Fine Updates 1/9/2023

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As a Percentage of GDP, Canada Has Some of the Highest Property Taxes in the World
This is according to the 2022 Global Property Tax Rankings from Altus Group. The company's findings are based on an in-depth analysis of taxation revenues of 38 member countries across the world, and are a reflection of each country's property taxes as a percentage of gross domestic product (GDP).


US Cities Are Falling Out of Love With the Parking Lot
They are gray and rectangular, and if you laid all 2 billion of them together they would cover an area roughly the size Connecticut, about 5,500 square miles. Parking lots have a monotonous ubiquity in US life, but a growing band of cities and states are now refusing to force more on people, arguing that they harm communities and inflame the climate crisis.

The Rise and Fall of the Shopping Mall, From the 1950s to 2023
Business Insider
The nation's first fully enclosed indoor mall opened on October 8, 1956. Called Southdale Center, the shopping center was located in the suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota, and contained shops, fountains, art installations, a courtyard, and a bird sanctuary.


Warriors ask San Francisco to lower arena value, tax bill
The Golden State Warriors had plenty to celebrate in 2022. The team won its seventh NBA championship and was named Forbes' most valuable NBA franchise, thanks in part to a glistening new arena in Mission Bay estimated by the publication to be worth $2.2 billion.


Colorado hit by tsunami of higher taxes, new fees and paycheck cuts
Axios Denver
If one phrase defines the 2023 outlook in Colorado, it's sticker shock. What's happening: New surcharges on top of elevated inflation, rising property assessments and skyrocketing energy bills are creating an avalanche of new costs for consumers. "It is unfortunate that a lot of these things are hitting at the same time," says Scott Wasserman, president of the progressive-leaning Bell Policy Center.


State to consider takeover of Disney's soon-to-be-abolished Reedy Creek district
Florida Politics
A plan is in the making for the state to take over management of the special district governing Walt Disney World. A notice on the Osceola County Property Appraiser website makes clear legislation will be filed in the Legislative Session to revise state oversight of the Reedy Creek Improvement District.


Erdman introduces bill to replace all Nebraska taxes with sales tax
If one state senator gets his way, Nebraskans wouldn't have to pay income or property taxes. Sen. Steve Erdman of Bayard introduced the EPIC consumption tax in the Legislature on Thursday. EPIC stands for Eliminates Property, Income and Corporate taxes. Erdman said the tax relief passed in recent years has been a “Band-Aid on an amputation.”


Sky-high Texas property tax bills finally went down in 2022
Houston Chronicle
Still, some of the highest property taxes in the nation are in Texas, where the tax bill is over $3,900 for the owner of a home priced at $217,500, which is the national median, studies…

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