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Brusniak Turner Fine Updates 2/15/2023

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Thousands of Oahu homeowners appealing property tax bills
Jane Sanidad has lived in her childhood home now for almost 70 years. But every day, it's getting harder and harder. Over the past two years her property taxes jumped by almost $1,000. "It's going up every year and every year," she said. "It's coming unaffordable because prices go up. Your pay don't go up. Social Security don't go up that much."


Kate's Capitol Corner: Property tax legislation begins to take priority in Idaho's Legislature
Boise Weekly
Until 2021, income tax relief was a top priority for many Idahoans but over the past two years this has shifted to the point that property tax relief has become a higher priority, according to the 2023 Idaho Public Policy Survey.


Errant tax bills sent to Notre Dame Parish closer to being corrected
The Island 
Two tax bills for more than $1.1 million that were wrongly sent to the Notre Dame Parish in New Hyde Park are one step closer to getting corrected through the Nassau County Legislature. The Legislature's Finance and Rules Committee recently advanced Correction of Error petitions to pay back the $1,165,324.68 sent to the parish, which is tax-exempt, according to a press release from the county's minority caucus.


Harrison files bills to require elections for property tax hikes
Waxahachie Daily Light
Monday, State Rep. Harrison filed two bills, HB 2220 and HB 2221, to put taxpayers back in control of their property taxes by requiring elections to raise them. HB 2220 would require effective tax increases go to the voters for approval. HB 2221 would require any tax increase that goes to a vote to get a supermajority (60%) of the votes in order to pass, according to a press release from Harrison's office.

TTARA research release: Appraisal caps come with high cost to others
The Texas Taxpayers and Research Association (TTARA) released a new study today assessing how appraisal caps impact property taxes. TTARA's study, The Price of Appraisal Caps: Higher Taxes for Everyone Else, found that in 2022, appraisal caps saved many Texas homeowners $4 billion in the face of skyrocketing appraisals – but at a cost to others.

Texas Senate Bill Would Close Affordable Housing Property Tax Loophole
Senate Bill 805 is consistent with a longstanding position of Bettencourt's to reform property taxes and benefit the commercial real estate industry. The Houston-based Republican, who is also CEO of Bettencourt Tax Advisors, filed a milar bill during the 2021 legislative session.


Math Doesn't Add Up on West Virginia Mineral Appraisals
The Intelligencer
For many mineral rights holders, the tentative notice indicated that the appraised value of their mineral rights for the current tax year was three to four times higher than it was in 2022, as the tax now is being set by the amount of royalties received, along with the age of a well and other factors. However, it appears as if the initial appraised values the state sent out in December and January were incorrect.


Property tax relief measure defeated in Wyoming House
Business Report
In a finishing blow to one of this legislative session's more ambitious property tax relief proposals, the House voted 37-25 last week to toss out a constitutional amendment that would have given Wyoming more freedom to change assessment rates for residences.

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