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Brusniak Turner Fine Updates 2/24/2023

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Health-Care Real Estate Deals Hit Record $26B
Commercial Property Executive
Health-care real estate continues to thrive, and investors can't get enough of the sector, according to JLL's Valuation Advisory Group's inaugural Healthcare Investor Survey and Trends Outlook. Transactions in the sector climbed to $26 billion in 2022, marking an annual record.


New State-Wide Property Tax Proposed in Connecticut Public Hearing Scheduled for February 27, 2023
Two bills pending before the Connecticut General Assembly seek to impose a new state-wide property tax on different classes of real property. Currently, property taxes are only imposed at the municipal level of government. This new property tax would be in addition to locally imposed property taxes.


Nearly 70% of Chicago voters support property tax freeze
Illinois Policy
Chicagoans want property tax relief from city leaders, according to voters surveyed just ahead of city elections. Nearly 70% of residents in an Illinois Policy Institute survey supported a property tax freeze. When broken down by political ideology, more than two-thirds of Republican, independent and Democratic voters all supported a property tax freeze.


Houghton facing ‘potentially devastating' property tax appeal by Walmart
Upper Michigan Source
The City of Houghton announced Thursday that it is facing a potentially devastating property tax appeal by Walmart as the company uses a legal strategy called the “dark store theory” to reduce its tax burden. The appeal was originally filed in 2018 but has been put on hold due to different events affecting the county.


Rep. Winslow introduces bill to offer property tax relief to seniors
Restoration NewsMedia
N.C. House Rep. Matthew Winslow, R-Franklin, Granville, is spearheading House Bill 105, “Elderly Property Tax Appreciation Exclusion.” Reps. Donnie Loftis, R-Gaston, Charles Miller, R- Brunswick, and Howard Penny, R-Johnston, have agreed to be primary sponsors.


Tables turn on Allegheny County assessments, as new math favors owners over tax collectors, schools
When Aaron DeLeo bought his house in Verona in October 2020, he thought he'd lucked into a great deal. DeLeo had been looking for months and hadn't found anything suitable. But the owner of the house in Verona was in a hurry and accepted DeLeo's offer at the asking price, even though many other homebuyers at the time found themselves in bidding wars.


Tarrant Appraisal District chair resigns amid controversy
The board chair of the organization that sets property values in Tarrant County resigned Wednesday — just days after the Keller City Council voted on a resolution to recall her amid a string of controversies. Kathryn Wilemon resigned as chair of the Tarrant Appraisal District — or TAD — Thursday morning. Wilemon was elected to chair the TAD board in 2021.

Gov. Abbott Wants to Remove School District Tax
NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, while in Arlington Wednesday promoting the state's growing economy, said he wants to remove the school tax burden from property owners and restore tools for economic development.

Greg Abbott vows to replace Chapter 313 incentive program
The Texas Tribune
Gov. Greg Abbott on Wednesday sought to reassure business leaders that state lawmakers would act during this legislative session to improve the state's economic development tools after letting a popular corporate tax-break program expire last year. He also said Texas was already feeling the impact of losing the program, recently missing out on a “massive” corporate project to New York.

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