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Brusniak Turner Fine Updates 2/27/2023

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Chobani says property was over-assessed
The assessed value of yogurt company Chobani's Twin Falls plant is $216 million higher than it should be, company officials said. The Twin Falls County assessor's office had initially valued the property at more than $495 million, the Times-News reported. The assessment was lowered to $424 million after the company appealed, according to court records.

Public records: Complaints about Kootenai County assessor mirror the issues that lost him his job in Spokane Count
Workers at the Kootenai County assessor's office continue to petition those in charge of the county for help, saying their boss gaslights and belittles them, blames others when things go wrong, and keeps tabs on conversations he worries could be about him.


Assessments for residential properties expected to increase over 20% statewide
The 2023 average increase in valuation for residential property throughout the state of Iowa is estimated to be about 22%, according to the Linn County Assessor's Office. The increase in assessment value will affect how tax bills are calculated throughout the state, which can't be calculated until the assessment limitation and levy rate are finalized. Those three factors can vary by county, city, township or neighborhood.


Folgers property tax break appeal heads to state board
Louisiana Illuminator
The Louisiana Board of Commerce and Industry is expected to hear the appeal of tax exemption denials from Folgers Coffee Co. next week worth more than $5 million to New Orleans government, schools and law enforcement that want the revenue.


Missouri Senate begins effort to trim personal property taxes
Missouri Independent
The Missouri Senate gave an initial approval this week to a personal property tax cut that looks to counteract the recent jump in used car evaluations. The bill has seen multiple forms in past years and this year's session. Floor debate made it clear that the current bill could see revisions and compromise all the way up to a final passage.


Time to reassess Montana's tax exempt properties
Daily Inter Lake
How many buildings in Montana get fire and police protection for free? That question can now be answered because the Montana Department of Revenue has built a map that shows all the tax exempt property in Montana. The map is color coded by the type of exemption the parcel has and lists the corporate name of the not for profit owner.


Omaha senator filibusters Nebraska property tax bill to protest bill prohibiting trans care for kids
Work on the floor of the Nebraska Legislature is at a standstill largely held up by one senator. Friday, the Unicameral was offered a sort of truce — but chose not to take it. For the second day in a row, State Sen. Machaela Cavanaugh of Omaha stonewalled LB147. “You cannot stop me.”


New York State ranks 7th in U.S. for highest real estate property taxes
A recent Wallethub report analyzing state property taxes across the U.S. revealed that New York has the 7th highest real-estate property taxes in the nation. Using the most recent U.S. Census Bureau data, from 2021, Wallethub compared the 50 states and District of Columbia based on real estate and vehicle property taxes.


Oregon property tax breaks go largely to Big Tech, with varied results and unintended consequences
Tax incentives for manufacturers provide a boost to Oregon's economy, according to an analysis commissioned last year by the state's economic development agency. But tax breaks for data centers are money losers, the report found, giving away more than they bring in from personal income taxes.


Solar Array/Tax Assessment: Rhode Island Supreme Court Addresses Challenge to Property Valuation
Mitchell Williams
The Supreme Court of Rhode Island (“Appellate Court”) in a February 21st Opinion addressed a tax assessment issue involving a solar array. The question was whether a municipal tax assessor improperly increased the value of a facility due to the addition of a solar array.


Waxahachie Republican says put voters in charge of tax hikes
For State Representative Brian Harrison, it is the simplest way to solve a huge problem in Texas – no raising property taxes without voter approval. “What I'm trying to do here is put the voters, put the taxpayers for the first time back, truly in charge of their property taxes and so that if you, a local government, if you want to raise somebody's property taxes even more, you can't do that unless you hold an election,” the Republican said.

Property appraisals jump again but not as sharply as in 2022
“Bexar Appraisal District has just recently started this year's valuation phase for the 2023 tax year," said Rogelio Sandoval, assistant chief appraiser. "After last year's 26% increase of Bexar County's single-family residences, our preliminary analyses indicate a 13% increase. We will have a more definitive number in late March as we will mail out value notices in early April.”

Appraisals come up short; expect higher property values
Lamar County's four school districts stand to lose state funding again this year, the result of Lamar County Appraisal District 2022 property values coming in lower than 95% of local values established by the Texas Comptroller's Office in its annual School District Property Value Study.

The City Forced Their Church's Expensive Demolition: Now the appraisal district wants $100,000
The Austin Chronicle
When A.L. Sneed Sr. was named pastor of the New Jerusalem Baptist Church in Montopolis in 1971, the church was in financial trouble – in danger of losing its lease on a storefront in the 1700 block of Montopolis Street and in need of more space for its growing congregation.


West Virginia natural gas property tax issues cause more headaches
Weirton Daily Times
For the third year in a row, the way West Virginia handles property tax assessments for oil and natural gas-producing property is coming under scrutiny, with royalty owners and county officials livid. 

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