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Brusniak Turner Fine Updates 2/28/2023

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Rents Will Fall As Wave of New Apartment Construction Hits Housing Market
Business Insider
Discounts from early in the pandemic, for those lucky enough to nab them, eventually gave way to hefty rent hikes. Lines for apartment viewings stretched for city blocks, and bidding wars erupted. Across the country, the rallying cry remained the same: The rent is too damn high.


Clark County Assessor v. Dillard Department Stores, Inc.
Indiana Courts Calendar
Dillard Department Stores, Inc., owns and operates a retail store at the Green Tree Mall in Clarksville, Indiana. For each of the 2018 through 2020 tax years, the Clark County Assessor assigned the Dillard property an assessed value ranging between $9.9 million and $10.1 million.


Aroostook Centre Mall reportedly for sale as owner fails to pay bills
Bangor Daily News
The news comes after General Manager Bruce Brigman posted on the My Aroostook! Facebook page on Sunday that the mall would close this week because the owner, Kohan Retail Investment Group of New York, had not paid the water and electric bills. He said the owner would be willing to look at offers.


Schools to challenge values of six businesses
The Marysville School System is contesting the value of six commercial properties in the district, a move that could result in more than $400,000 of increased tax payments. While the number is substantial, the board of education learned at Thursday night's meeting that recent state legislation has substantially...


Court Rejects Property Tax Exemptions for 4 PA Non-Profit Hospitals
Revcycle Intelligence
Several non-profit hospitals in Pennsylvania have failed to convince a court that they are purely public charities and, therefore, should qualify for property tax exemptions. The Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court ruled that the hospitals — Pottstown Hospital, Phoenixville Hospital, Brandywine Hospital, and Jennersville Hospital — were not exempt from local property taxes, per the court cases obtained by RSM.


Grumet: Was Elon Musk fond of Texas or just our tax breaks?
Austin American Statement
Carping on California is the unofficial pastime of Texas, especially among GOP leaders who relish our state's contrasts with the woes of the Left Coast. Sure, the stampede of California transplants helped push Austin's housing prices into the stratosphere — and contributed to the long-winded laments of late that Austin Isn't What It Used To Be. 


After split, Essex residents face big property tax increase in budget vote
As expected, things didn't work out so well for town taxpayers. Once Essex Junction residents voted for separation back in November 2021 and shortly after becoming a city, work began to figure out how to separate the services in the municipalities that had been linked for decades. Now, the citizens of the town of Essex are looking at a budget that will raise their property taxes by 22%.

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