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Brusniak Turner Fine Updates 3/24/2022

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Your office, forever changed
This graphic sends an unmistakable message — one many bosses don't want to hear: Never again will most office workers spend five-day, 40-hour weeks in physical buildings, jammed with humans.


Bill to lower Arizona commercial property tax inches closer to passage
Chamber Business News
A bill to decrease Arizona's commercial property tax assessment ratio to 15% over the next five years would achieve a goal set decades ago by the Citizen's Finance Review Commission and others if it becomes law.


Property Tax Levies Increase Six Percent Statewide
Oakdale Leader
“The increase in property tax levies to almost $80 billion is a clear reflection of California's vibrant real estate market,” said Chair Malia M. Cohen.


Fernandina port authority sued over property taxes
Florida Politics 
Entities involved in the Port of Fernandina are not strangers to litigation, making the Nassau County property appraiser's decision last week to sue the Ocean Highway and Port Authority (OHPA) one more headache in a metaphorical shipping container full of them.


Pepsi gets $15.7M tax break for DeKalb expansion
The recently announced expansion of a Pepsi bottling plant in DeKalb County came with a nearly $15.7 million tax break.


Senate approves bill to limit ‘dark store' tax challenges
Sun Journal 
The state Senate approved a bill Tuesday that would curtail big box stores' ability to mount “dark store theory” challenges to their property tax valuations that could cost cities and towns hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax revenue.


Church taxed over $55,000 seeks explanation from Lansing
Robinson Memorial Church was taxed over $55,000 on a property at Perry Robinson Circle in Lansing. They were using it as a community garden and believe it should have kept its tax-exempt status.

Mich. OKs Tax Exemption For Rented Heavy Equipment
Michigan will replace the personal property tax on rented heavy equipment with a 2% tax on each rental transaction, as the governor signed the second bill in a bill package Wednesday...


Mall Assessment Fight Goes To Bankruptcy Court
Post Journal
This is the third attempt Washington Prime Group has made to reduce its taxable assessment on the Chautauqua Mall after filing a pair of tax certiorari cases in state Supreme Court in Mayville in 2020 and 2021.


Analysis: Texas government's favorite local tax
Texas Tribune
Owners of homes and other properties don't like it so much, and neither do renters, who pay the tax invisibly through the owners of the properties they rent.

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