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Brusniak Turner Fine Updates 4/19/2022

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Colo. House OKs Reclassification Of Hydroponic Farming
Hydroponic agricultural operations in Colorado would be classified as controlled environmental agricultural facilities, reducing their property tax liability, under legislation approved Monday by the state House of Representatives.


Will Chicago real estate community back Fritz Kaegi challenger Kari Steele?
Business Insider
Walk into the office of any big-name developer or property tax attorney in Chicago, and you might not be surprised to see something like this: a picture of Cook County Assessor Fritz Kaegi, pasted onto a dart board...

Assessor Kaegi Celebrates Passage of Bill Expanding Access to Property Tax Exemptions for
Cook County Assessor
Assessor Fritz Kaegi today celebrates the passage of SB1975, a bill in the Illinois General Assembly that creates automatic renewal options for the persons with disabilities and veterans with disabilities exemptions and expands income verification options for the low-income senior citizen exemption.


Bill seeking term limits for assessors passes by 7-6 margin
Louisiana Radio Network
New Orleans representative Mandie Landry says that tax assessors should be held to the same standard as the state's legislators when it comes to term limits and her House Bill 288 would allow voters to decide if the state's constitution should be amended to make that happen. Landry says it may be controversial, but it is necessary.


Ohio General Assembly Passes Landmark Property Tax Reform Bill
A property tax reform effort that originally commenced in 2018 in the Ohio House of Representatives has been recently passed by the General Assembly in the form of House Bill 126 (HB 126) and is on its way to Governor Mike DeWine's desk.


With big tax implications, new Austin home appraisals soar
The Austin housing crisis is landing on the doorstep of every Travis County property owner. The median market value home is now over $200,000 more than it was last year, per the official county appraiser.

Homeowner may have to pay more after he protested his home's appraisal
Everything Lubbock
Lubbock house appraisals sent out this year to over 91,000 homes on the 1st of April were at an all-time high. The average home appraisal increased by 16%.


Wisconsin just took a huge step in protecting private property
Pacific Legal
Equity theft is a scheme that allows governments to settle an unpaid tax debt by taking a person's private property—and all the equity it has accumulated. Governments often sell that property to private investors, who make windfall profits at the owner's expense without giving them a dime.

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