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Brusniak Turner Fine Updates 4/22/2022

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Rent is rising. See how much prices are up in your area.
Washington Post
In Tampa, Max Corey's rent recently skyrocketed by 30 percent to more than $1,000 a month. The musician and street artist, who has been living with a roommate for more than two years, says housing...


County grants abatements for pair of new industrial projects
The Cullman Times
A pair of forthcoming industrial development projects are set to sink a combined $24 million in capital investment into Cullman County, creating 18 new jobs and laying the groundwork for potential additional expansion as the businesses grow beyond their initial stages.


County Assessor Kramer working to increase property tax exemption from $7K to $100K
Contra Costa Herald 
The only law protecting seniors and other property owner dollars against inflation and real estate is Proposition 13. The most your real estate taxes can be raised is 2% a year under Prop 13.


Miss. Will Allow Local Tax Exemptions For Medical Facilities
Mississippi will allow local jurisdictions to grant qualifying health care facilities property tax exemptions under a bill signed by the governor.


With skyrocketing property values, homeowners see rapid increase in taxes
NBC Montana
In Gallatin County, the average market value of homes was $335,872 this year -- roughly $140,000 more than the value in 2016. Increasing values are causing people to wonder how they will pay their property tax bill.


Skyrocketing home prices in Wake County lead to $250,000 price increases in these neighborhoods
News of major economic developments assisted in rapidly driving growth over the past few years. The massive influx in demand paired with supply chain issues has driven prices up as supply struggles to keep pace.


Gov. Mike DeWine signs property tax dispute bill that could result in millions lost to school districts
Gov. Mike DeWine sided with commercial property developers and owners by signing a bill that blunts school districts' ability to challenge undervalued properties at county boards of revision.


NBC10 I-TEAM: Tax exempt status of private colleges, universities in jeopardy
“This would be for all properties, considering the fact the four private colleges hosted within the city essentially contain well over $4 billion worth of property,” Morales said. “Now is the time to hold private universities accountable to the communities where they are hosted.”


Denton CAD appraisals rise 25% over last year
Cross Timbers Gazette
As it begins sending out its annual property tax appraisal notices, the Denton Central Appraisal District says there's been an unprecedented 25%...


Vt. Exempts Native American Tribes' Property From Tax
Vermont will exempt property owned by state-recognized Native American tribes from property tax under a bill signed by the governor. H.B. 556, signed Wednesday by Republican Gov. Phil Scott, exempts from...

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