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Brusniak Turner Fine Updates 4/29/2022

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Baldwin County homeowners looking at 15 to 20% increase in property tax owed
That 15 to 20% increase came all at once this year, that's because last year the increase was flat due to all the much property damage from hurricane sally in 2020.


Arizona Supreme Court Confronts Applicability of State Ad Valorem Tax on Tribal Land
Snell & Wilmer
On April 26, 2022, the Arizona Supreme Court issued a significant unanimous decision addressing the applicability of a state ad valorem property tax on a power plant located on Indian land.


Property value assessments rise in Louisville
Spectrum News
“We don't love it, but we're also fortunate enough to where we can pay for it,” he said. The letter told him his property value assessment was going up, meaning his taxes could increase with it. He said he wasn't surprised though, given how home prices are rising.

VFW Post gains tax-exempt status
Tuesday night, during a meet-and-greet with political candidates, Rachel Pence Foster, the county's property valuation administrator, told VFW members that the state had approved the tax-exempt status they had lobbied for years.


Here Are The Cities With The Lowest Property Taxes In Maine
Saving Advice
When you're looking for a new home, understanding the total cost of ownership is essential. While the bulk of what you'll need to cover is the cost of the house itself, property taxes can make a big difference in the broader equation.


NY High Court To Hear NYC Property Tax System Challenge
New York's highest court agreed Thursday to hear a property tax coalition's claims that New York City's uneven residential property tax system illegally favors white residents and the wealthy over minorities...


Court agreement could bring tax relief to Allegheny County homeowners facing property assessment appeals
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
A high-stakes court battle over a number used in Allegheny County property assessment appeals culminated Wednesday in an agreement that could result in big tax breaks for thousands of affected homeowners.


Homeowners! 2022 property assessments, going out Friday, may jump 20%
Abilene Reporter News
Taylor County market values are expected to increase 14% to 20% for 2022. Widespread inflation is at the heart of an increase in property values, said Gary Earnest, CEO of the Central Appraisal District of Taylor County.

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