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Brusniak Turner Fine Updates 5/11/2022

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Real-estate investors have been snatching up homes preventing everyday buyers from getting a piece of the pie. Lawmakers and HOAs want to stand in their way
Business Insider 
Whether they're looking for long-term rentals or to make a quick flip, investors like Invitation Homes, the owner of 83,000 properties, and mom & pop operations, are making it harder for people to compete when looking to buy in their own neighborhoods.

Ranking Property Taxes by State | Property Tax Ranking
Tax Foundation
Property taxes matter to businesses for several reasons. First, businesses own a significant amount of real property, and tax rates on commercial property are often higher than the rates on comparable residential property.


Cost of renewing vehicle tags in Alabama went up (taxes). Here's why
Montgomery Advertiser 
As Montgomery residents renew their vehicle tags this year, they are noticing an increase in the amount they're paying in taxes on their vehicle's market value, even on cars and trucks they've owned for years.


Paperwork glitch leading to tax, escrow increase may cost Miami-Dade resident his family home
A South Florida Air Force veteran and Pentagon 9-11 survivor fears he will soon lose his family's home. Miami-Dade County suddenly raised his property taxes because of a mistake but refuses to back down.


Tax reform would target land speculators in Detroit
Detroit has low property values but high property tax rates. It's an added cost for homeowners and homebuilders in a city that's struggling to recover economically from two recessions and decades of disinvestment.


Philadelphia property tax: Rapidly gentrifying areas could see major spikes
Property owners in Brewerytown and around University City — rapidly gentrifying areas where local leaders fear increased property taxes will quicken the displacement of long-standing Black communities — could see some of the sharpest increases in their tax bills as a result of Philadelphia's new citywide reassessment, an Inquirer analysis found.


Western SD lawmaker: Repeal property tax
Property tax has been a source of government revenue in South Dakota since before statehood. Now a legislator from rural Pennington County is talking about repealing the residential property tax altogether — and replacing the revenue by more than doubling the state sales tax.


King County Assessor's office struggling with months long wait times for property tax exemptions, report finds
The Seattle Times
The King County Assessor's Office has struggled to keep up with applications for property tax exemptions from seniors, people with disabilities and disabled veterans, resulting in months long wait times for eligible applicants, a new report from the county Auditor's Office found.

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