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Brusniak Turner Fine Updates 6/30/2023

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Huge New York landlord says Fridays in the office are 'dead forever' — and Mondays are 'touch-and-go'
Business Insider
It looks like we're never going back to the office full-time — at least not every day of the week. One of New York's biggest private landlords, Vornado Realty Trust, is betting on whether hybrid work is here to stay. The firm's chairman, Steven Roth, recently told investors that office work on Fridays was likely "dead forever."


Jackson County homeowner stunned by $2M property tax assessment on $200k home
Salina Contreras moved to her dream home on seven acres in Kansas City in 2019. She lives there with her husband and dogs. "He wanted land and I wanted a porch, so here we are," Contreras said. For the past several years, Contreras' property tax assessment on her home came in at around $200,000. This year her home saw a stunning 950 percent increase to more than $2 million.


A Montana Property Tax Revolt is on the Way
It's fair to say Montanans who own homes and businesses are in mass shock having just received the new reappraisals on their homes, businesses, and property. For many, if not most, the new valuations nearly doubled — and that's got people worried they may not be able to pay the subsequent taxes based on those theoretical “values.” If the past is any indication of what's ahead, there's another Montana property tax revolt on the way.


Nueces County budget shortfall has officials planning for layoffs, service cuts
Nueces County officials are preparing for massive layoffs and cuts to public services as they have learned they are faced with an up to $30 million deficit. That expected deficit stems from laws governing how the tax rate is calculated. It also means every property taxpayer in Nueces County will see their tax rate drop this year, before skyrocketing next year.

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