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Brusniak Turner Fine Updates 6/17/2022

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Where do homeowners pay the most in property taxes?
The Washington Post
Soaring price increases in home values naturally mean that tax assessments are also likely to rise. But tax valuations don't correlate exactly with market values for homes. Depending on the jurisdiction, tax assessments are reviewed annually or biannually and sometimes include discounts. 


Sticker shock: Idaho property owners react to soaring assessed home values
Idaho Capital Sun
Shondi Mortimer bought her home in northwest Boise for $289,500 in 2016, when she was still married and pregnant with her sixth child. Now, as a divorced single parent with three boys still living at home, she received her property tax assessment in the mail that valued her home at $609,700 — up $90,000 just since 2021.


Supreme Court ruling means JCPS property tax increase can stand
The Kentucky Supreme Court has ruled that a property tax increase from Jefferson County Public Schools can stand without facing voters. The group "No JCPS Tax Hike" had collected 40,000 signatures back in 2020 to challenge the school board's proposed 7-cent increase and got it on the ballot.


S.I. Republicans join NYC progressives to call for property tax reform
City Council Minority Leader Joe Borelli (R-South Shore) and City Councilman David Carr (R-Mid-Island) joined City Comptroller Brad Lander and a host of other city Democrats to push for changes to the city's inequitable property tax system.


Property tax value double at rate never seen before for Texas homeowners
ABC13 Houston
Exorbitant property taxes continue to torment Texans, pushing people out of their homes and making homeownership a distant dream for the young.“Currently, Texas ‘boasts' the sixth highest property tax burden in the United States. 

Property Tax Fighter Targeted by Bureaucrat
Texas Scorecard
“Currently, Texas ‘boasts' the sixth highest property tax burden in the United States. Property taxes themselves have increased 181 percent in the last 20 years alone, despite promises from Republican lawmakers to address the issue,” Tim Hardin, CEO of Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, wrote in the organization's Texas Prosperity Plan.

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