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Brusniak Turner Fine Updates 8/24/2023

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Office Tenants Are Renewing Leases—but for Far Less Space
The good news for office landlords is that lease signings have been increasing this year. The bad news is that the average new lease is considerably smaller than before. That means companies are committing to spend less on office space for years to come. The need for less workplace space reflects how employers across the U.S. have embraced—or at least have come to tolerate—hybrid strategies that allow employees to work more from home. Consequently, firms feel they need less space and are signing deals of up to 15 years for fewer office floors.


Tarrant appraisal officials wanted to lie to you, not just ‘the media.' They must go | Opinion
Star Telegram
In our cynical world, we often assume government officials or politicians frequently shade the truth or “spin” the public on touchy facts. Even so, we are still shocked when evidence of brazen deception comes along. This time, it's an unknown bureaucrat at the increasingly troubled Tarrant Appraisal District. In a meeting to discuss the agency's ongoing debacle over a new website, the head of the information systems department, Cal Wood, is heard assenting to “creating a false narrative that distances the truth from the media.

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