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Brusniak Turner Fine Updates 9/26/2022

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The property roll jumps by more than 32% on the island of Montreal
OI Canadian
As for Montreal, property values ​​have climbed an average of 31.4% compared to previous roles said the president of the executive committee responsible for finance, Dominique Ollivier in a press briefing. 


Proposition 4: Juneau voters will decide whether to repeal mandatory disclosure of real estate prices
This question asks voters to repeal measures the Juneau Assembly adopted in 2020 and this past February that mandate sharing real estate sales prices with the city assessor's office. The assessor's job is to determine the fair market value of every parcel of property in Juneau, every year. 


Gov. Polis signs property tax exemption for nonprofit childcare centers
Starting in August, House Bill 1006 modifies current law that allows property owned and operated by nonprofit child care centers to be exempt from property taxes. The bill removes the ownership requirement, adding to the tax exemption properties rented or leased for use as nonprofit child care centers.


Bay County votes to support 10-year tax exemptions for four companies
News Herald
This week, Bay County Commissioners voted to support three companies the Bay Economic Development Alliance is working with to bring to the area. All were approved to receive both funding from Triumph Gulf Coast, along with a 10-year property tax exemption, if they choose to expand to the area.

Brevard Schools property tax increase would address teacher, staff salaries
Florida Today
Brevard County voters will decide on Nov. 8 whether to increase school property taxes, primarily to pay for a boost in salaries to Brevard Public Schools staff. A measure on the November ballot would require additional taxes of $1 per $1,000 of taxable value of Brevard properties.


Real estate developer could lose Greenwood tax abatement
Daily Journal
The current owner of a building leased by Amazon in Greenwood is in danger of losing its tax abatement after officials say the owner failed to file a form. MREIC Indy IN 3, LLC is the current owner of a 615,000-square foot warehouse located along South Graham Road in Greenwood that is being leased to Amazon.


Bloomington property tax levy increase may exceed 10%
That increase, which may be reduced before the Bloomington City Council certifies it in December, started at approximately 19%, based upon the preliminary tax levy model the city was working with. The levy increase had been reduced to 11.58% before the council's unanimous approval of the preliminary levy and budget during its Sept. 12 meeting.


New Jersey stole an immigrant mother's investment
If you underpay your property taxes, can the government steal all of your property's equity to settle your debt? In New Jersey and eleven other states, the answer is yes, and backlash against this practice called “home equity theft” is rising in several states and U.S. Federal Courts.


Remote Work Is Killing Manhattan's Commercial Real Estate Market
In the heart of midtown Manhattan lies a multibillion-dollar problem for building owners, the city and thousands of workers. Blocks of decades-old office towers sit partially empty, in an awkward position: too outdated to attract tenants seeking the latest amenities, too new to be demolished or converted for another purpose.

Taller towers – but fewer homes – coming up in NY, Real Estate
Business Times
In New York where space is at a premium, developers tear down residential buildings to create new ones that climb higher and higher into the sky – projects that could create thousands of apartments to help alleviate the city's affordable housing crisis.


Pawtucket settles tax dispute with shopping center for $425,000 in tax credits
The Providence Journal
The Pawtucket City Council approved the $425,000 in abatements Wednesday night for the owners of the Narragansett Park Plaza, over five years, or $85,000 a year. The shopping center at 675 Beverage Hill Road, on the east side of town, currently hosts a Supercuts, a Town Fair Tire Center, a Family Dollar and a T-Mobile store.


Why rent is high in Houston, even as real estate cools
Houston Chronicle
Average apartment rents across the Houston area have climbed 12 percent since 2019 to an average of almost $1,300 a month, according to commercial real estate data firm CoStar. Rents in older buildings with fewer amenities — so called workforce housing — have risen slightly faster, jumping nearly 14 percent since 2019 to an average $1,100 a month.

What Abbott, O'Rourke's stances are on property tax reform
Houston Chronicle
Abbott stated voters shouldn't belief O'Rourke on property taxes due to his tenure when he was a metropolis council member in El Paso greater than a decade in the past. O'Rourke voted for budgets that included increased property taxes a minimum of twice. "He's the property tax increaser," Abbott stated. "I'm the property tax cutter."


Mall tax trouble at the Kanawha County Commission meeting
The value of the Charleston Town Center and questions about taxes on the parking garage next to the mall were discussed Thursday at the Kanawha County Commission meeting. Jim Hull, the mall's owner, approved last year's assessment on the Town Center, but now Hull wants to appeal, believing the mall is worth less than what the Assessor's Office says.

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