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In Texas, understanding the property tax process can be intimidating and confusing. Property taxes are local but the process is governed by Texas law. From the time each respective appraisal district sets the value of your property to the time property taxes are collected, a lot can happen and must happen. Missing a step or performing a function in error can be costly. Brusniak Turner Fine LLP attorneys do not skip a beat. We remain on top of your property taxes and business personal property tax matters, providing comprehensive services that also include pollution control property tax exemptions and tax abatements and other business incentives when applicable.

Our tax attorneys at Brusniak Turner Fine LLP work with in-house counsel and property tax consultants to address your complex tax legal issues. We will thoroughly review any legal problems or issues, investigate, and advise accordingly. We will also attend mediation or go to trial for you.

Our preference, however, is working directly with businesses and organizations to prevent tax problems from arising in the first place. Our extensive, combined experience throughout Texas contributes to our ability to provide proactive, comprehensive property tax and business personal property tax representation to our clients.

Our clients include small and local organizations to large Fortune 100 companies in the following industries:

  • Energy (i.e., oil & gas production, pipelines, processing, refineries, power generation, renewables)
  • Retail or commercial
  • Agricultural
  • Nonprofit
  • Telecommunications, and
  • Manufacturing.

Before a mistake happens, before a tax problem arises, before you find it necessary to seek legal help, retain the attorneys at Brusniak Turner Fine LLP.

Our clients trust us. Our clients depend on us. Our clients thank us. Because we deliver.

Helping You Save Money

If your in-house counsel or tax consultant has come up against a brick wall and you need outside legal help to correct the problem, contact us. If you do not have or are looking to replace your in-house counsel, contact us. We believe in comprehensive representation and building a relationship with our clients. We would prefer you did not have to clean up someone else's mess. What's more: we prefer you never have to worry about your property taxes being in a mess.

By choosing us, you join other Texas corporate clients -- from Fortune 100 clients to local businesses and nonprofits -- whom we have had the pleasure of helping save hundreds of thousands of dollars on their taxes. Don't hesitate to contact our experienced legal team at Brusniak Turner Fine LLP today.

  • Commercial and Industrial Property

    Owners of commercial and industrial properties often find themselves struggling with burdensome property taxes due to errors or misjudgments made by the appraisal authorities. With high taxes come increased operating expenses, decreased profits, and competitive disadvantages. With our help, you can resolve these issues through an appeal or an alternative method.

  • Agricultural and Special Valuations

    Agricultural property is taxed at a lower valuation than commercial and residential properties but can be subject to inaccurate value assessments and rollback taxes, forcing you to pay more. Exemptions and lower taxes, however, may apply, and if so, we make sure you get what’s beneficial and appropriate for you.

  • Non-Profit Organizations

    In order for non-profit organizations to thrive, owners must be wise stewards of their property and be attentive to their fiscal responsibilities. We know your organization has a purpose. Likewise, we have a purpose to help you financially succeed through tax exemptions and other property tax services.


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