Practice Areas

Our firm provides effective legal services in practice areas centered on real and business personal property tax matters for:

  • energy companies;
  • commercial companies;
  • retail businesses;
  • agricultural organizations; and
  • non-profit corporations.

We pride ourselves on the substantial amount of savings we have obtained for our clients by providing thorough and comprehensive advice, proactive tax strategies, and consistent representation for compliance. Our representation also includes services like pollution control property tax exemptions, tax abatements, and other business incentives.

Commercial Property Taxes

In the business of property tax law and property tax appraisal protest and appeals, arguments are most often related to the value of unfair commercial property assessments of real estate, like:

  • commercial retail buildings;
  • commercial office buildings;
  • industrial facilities; and
  • commercial land.

When your property is assessed incorrectly, the corresponding tax burden can significantly impact your business' financial stability. At Brusniak Turner Fine LLP, it is our determination to prevent improper commercial property tax valuations and protests. But, if it happens, we aim to address it promptly and adequately.

  • Where in-house counsel -- who may represent a number of legal issues for your company -- may not have the requisite focus and experience to identify key issues before they become a serious problem, we have it.
  • Where a tax agent -- who may not have a continued working relationship with your company -- is not always equipped with specialized knowledge of your specific industry in addition to thorough knowledge of commercial property tax law, we possess this unique combination.

We intend to avoid or prevent hurdles and complications that can interfere with your bottom-line.

Energy, Commercial, Agricultural, and Non-Profit Property Taxes

We are well-versed in conducting property tax appeals and other issues that affect:

  • energy companies, i.e., oil & gas production, pipelines, processing, refineries, power generation, renewables;
  • commercial companies;
  • agricultural businesses; and
  • non-profit organizations.

These matters require specialized knowledge, which we have. These matters also require resources, which we also have. We negotiate with the county assessor, litigate appeals before a board or district court, and file tax abatements, as well as many other tasks as needed for our clients.

With our extensive understanding of your specific industry, we intuitively identify key issues that can make all the difference in your property tax matters.

Business Personal Property Taxes

Your tangible business personal property is taxed in Texas. Keeping track of business personal property, however, can lead to problems. As with property taxes, it is our aim to avoid problems altogether by being proactive, concise, and consistent. This process is best done by building a relationship with our clients.

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